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Lee has been an entertainment specialist at ECE for several decades. Lee got his start in the entertainment industry in college where he ran the concert committee, the on campus rathskellar and established an on campus booking referral service servicing his entire University. Lee was lucky to have worked with ECE in college and came on board initially to head up the college division. Over the years, Lee’s vision was to devote time to developing a National Touring Division of ECE. With the signing of the Second City in the 90’s, we were on our way. Over the past 2 decades, Lee and the ECE-Touring team have grown their roster and reputation to become one of the most respected and successful entities of their type in the Country.
When asked about his one career life after college, Lee responded: “This is my life and my extended family. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. Our Artists and employees and clients are the best anywhere."













Message from Lee

I wake up every day looking forward to coming to work. I get to talk to folks from all over the US everyday who are entertainers or are looking for some sort of entertainment for their event or venue. I get to help them choose the perfect collection of items from our incredibly diverse product and service list, get to advise them on the best way to produce their show, get to show up, meet them, the artist we have chosen and (when requested) and make sure everything runs smoothly. Then, last (this is the best part) I get to talk to them afterward and hear how we made them a hero in front of their friends, their board or whoever else attended their event. WHO WOULDN'T LOVE THAT!

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