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The Hunts

  • January/February 2016 national tour with O.A.R.
  • Major festival appearances: Austin City Limits 2014 & 2015, Summerfest 2015, Landmark 2015 & Firefly 2015
  • Single "Make This Leap" featured in national Milk-Bone commercial
  • Life Was Simple EP (August 2014) heard nationwide in Starbucks' in-store overhead playlist
  • Those Younger Days album (June 2015) executive produced by Chris Kuffner (Ingrid Michaelson, A Great Big World)

Known for their harmony-laced take on alt-folk, The Hunts are a Chesapeake, Virginia-based band of seven siblings who’ve been playing music together almost their entire lives. Twin sisters Jessi and Jenni and five brothers Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin, and Jamison, now ranging in age from 26 down to 17, learned to sing and play violin as young kids and spent much of their childhood performing in their community. After widening their following and playing at theaters, festivals and universities around the country—and teaching themselves to play instruments like mandolin, piano, ukulele, banjo, and drums—The Hunts started experimenting with songwriting and soon brought to life a batch of songs that reveal their sophisticated sense of melody and undeniably dreamy innocence.

Inspired by shared memories, The Hunts have created songs that capture heartache and wonder with a wide-eyed but wistful elegance. The Hunts hold true to a songwriting process that taps into each member’s unique strengths but remains intensely collaborative. That unified approach infuses their music with an irresistible richness of spirit. Their songs are artfully arranged yet instilled with a graceful simplicity. While getting seven strong-minded brothers and sisters to agree on every last note and lyric can sometimes be chaotic, The Hunts note that the synergy born from that chaos is what makes the band so strong.

Louisiana College - Pineville, LA

"Oh my goodness….I've been here 9 years and it was my favorite event we've ever hosted. The Hunts were fabulous and so easy to work with. The concert was wonderful. The only complaint I heard was that we all wanted them to play longer. I would definitely recommend them to others and we will most definitely be having them back to LC in the future."

Twin Ports Bridge Festival - Duluth, MN

"The Hunts were the highlight of the day for a lot of people. Everyone loved them, including the headline acts backstage (who came out of their tents to listen and let us know how much they liked them), our mayor and many usually quiet folks I know in the community who were speaking up about how great they were. They had a great turnout at the merch tent after their set where they were taking photos and selling CDs for quite awhile.

The band was easy, very friendly, and I was happy to see them stay for the rest of the festival. I would highly recommend them and would love to have them back if it were to route again next year!"

Edgerton Performing Arts Center - WI

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! We're going to make them our House Band lol!

Thank you a million times over. Our kids are freaking out."

Slippery Rock University Performing Arts & Events - PA

"The show was terrific. Our audience enjoyed both the new work and the covers...

The Hunts are not only talented but extremely pleasant and approachable... I enjoyed them very much and thank you for the work you did to help make this happen."

Felix E. Martin, Jr. Hall - Greenville, KY

"Everything went beautifully with The Hunts! What an absolutely amazing family, and an incredibly sweet family as well! Our audiences have never been more pleased than they were with The Hunts. In fact, we had so many coming up asking when were we going to have them back, and even making the comment that YOU ARE going to have them back! They were incredible to work with, and fit into our venue and our community perfectly... They blew us away!"

Blackstone Conference & Retreat Center - VA

"The Hunts were absolutely great. It was the largest attendance that we have had in years and by far the best response and feedback that I've had since I started here. The whole family is easy to work with and engaged in the whole event.  They want to make it the best for the facility that it can be.  As will I bring them back let me say this: if I don't, I won't be here.  I will gladly send you a referral letter that you can offer to anyone that might question if they should have the Hunts to their facility."

University of South Carolina Lancaster

"Wow...  They were great fun and really great to work with.  They were very well received by our audience and received 2-3 standing ovations at the end."

Red River Arts Festival - Shreveport, LA

"The Hunts, as per usual, were outstanding to work with.  The 4th Graders in the Revel's 4th Grade program thoroughly enjoyed the morning program, and the public has caught on and made sure to attend the public shows.  We appreciate having The Hunts back at the Revel!"

Centre College - Danville, KY

"I just wanted to let you know that the performance was absolutely amazing! The band showed up right on time and were extremely easy to work with and enjoyable to talk to.

The performance was simply amazing... Students could not stop talking about how talented the band was and how great they seemed. Even today I'm still getting comments.

I would love to have The Hunts back again next year. I think they are an incredibly talented group of individuals who delivered a fantastic, enjoyable show. Thank you so much for everything, it has been a real pleasure."

Arkansas State University - Newport, Patron Series

"The Hunts were fantastic and yes, I would recommend them to anyone."

Tidewater Community College - Chesapeake, VA

They were AMAZING! I would bring them back monthly if I could! The whole campus is buzzing with compliments on the band and the event. They made it an unbelievable event.

Send our sincerest thanks!"

University of New Mexico

"Oh yeah, today was fantastic! They made a TON of new fans. They were super nice and super friendly, and I'd love to look at bringing them back in the future."

Truman State University - Kirksville, MO

"Thank you so much for your help with The Hunts. We had rave reviews from all of the students who attended and had such great attendance (around 450 or so). They put on a fantastic show and we were so happy to host them."

Hawkeye Community College, Artist Series - Waterloo, IA

"The performance was wonderful and we had great evaluations. The group was very easy to work with. We did have a sellout performance."

Grundy County Friends of the Arts - Trenton, MO

"The Hunts were fabulous!!! Very talented and genuinely nice family!!!

Yes they were very generous with their time for 4 workshops. (even after being on the road 20 hours, living in tight quarters in their RV, and starting at 8am for the first workshop)! They went above and beyond!

The students loved the whole experience... Many of the students came to the evening performance and bought lots of CDs to be autographed and took pictures. (long, long line!)

Many people commented on how nice it was to attract so many young people to one of our programs. It is part of our mission statement to 'educate, expose and entertain.' We did all of this - mission accomplished!

Our regular crowd loved them as well... Everyone has said 'have them back sometime!' With the great crowd and the attraction to all ages this was a very successful event for us!

Yes, I would definitely recommend this group enthusiastically. It was a wonderful experience!"

Green Valley Recreation - AZ

"It was such a pleasure to have them perform at Green Valley Recreation.  They were very easy to work with and very appreciative of our staff.  The audience was very happy with the show and was much more energetic than usual.   Our ticket sales were the best so far this season.  I would definitely have them back in the future."

Benedictine College - KS

"The Hunts Concert was easily one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences for the students who hosted and attended the event as well as for me personally. The group was very easy to work with and were an instant hit with our students. The show was incredible as well and definitely made all of our students into Hunts fans. Thank you for your help in getting them to our campus!"

Prairie Center for the Arts - Schaumburg, IL

"All reports from my staff indicate it was a fantastic show. And, the Hunts were a delight to work with. A definite win-win!"

Huffington Post

"[Ivy Levan] was then deftly followed by family folksters The Hunts, whose diverse acoustic instrumentation and homespun harmonies instantly made me a fan."

-Gregory Weinkauf on The Hunts' appearance at The Cherrytree House Live! show in late 2013

Freed-Hardeman University - Henderson, TN

"They were one of the best concerts we've had on our campus. Our students loved them. The Hunts were very easy to work with and very gracious. We would bring them back in a heartbeat."

The Hunts have performed countless school shows for students of all ages. Their ability to connect with student audiences and to inspire young musicians is unmatched.

They also offer workshops in fiddle, violin and songwriting. The goal of these offerings is to educate participants and promote the arts while instilling a passion for music.

Make This Leap

Lifting the Sea

Above the Storm


This is Love

Green Eyes

Next to Me

Be Naive


Morning Light