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Most people tap their feet when they hear music, but some people make music by tapping their feet. TAP - The Show is a powerhouse production, celebrating the artistry of tap dance from around the globe.

TAP - The Show is fueled by a non-stop explosion of rhythmic energy. Wrapped in dazzling costumes and backed by a soaring orchestral score, this cast of award-winning dancers and singers travels seamlessly over decades of styles from Broadway and big band to world music and pop/rock.

Each section brings to life iconic tap moments of the past and creates brand new moments that amaze audiences. Included in this extravaganza are recreations of some of your favorite Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly numbers, Broadway showstoppers, smooth and sultry soft shoe, flamenco, tribal, Irish step and more.

Sing along and tap into the beat as you tap your feet with TAP - The Show!

Grenada Arts Partnership - Grenada, MS

On behalf of the Grenada Arts Partnership, I want to thank your staff for the support and assistance with the Grenada performance of TAP-The Show on April 11, 2013. The performance was one of the highlights of the sixth season of the Grenada Arts Partnership.

The entire cast and staff of TAP were outstanding, both professionally and personally. The qualities of talent and stage presentation are phenomenal. TAP-The Show is a "powerhouse production."

Wisconsin Lutheran College Fine Arts - Milwaukee, WI

TAP-The Show was absolutely fantastic!  This was one of the best shows we have ever booked!  The audience raved about the quality and amazing dancing and singing by the performers.  The show was very entertaining with all the variety.  The non-stop, fast pace of the show kept everyone on the edge of their seat.  The scene changes and constant costume changes were seamless.  With the group providing their own dance floor, lighting and sound equipment, it was an easy show to mount.  I cannot say enough good things about the show and would highly recommend it to anyone!

University of Arkansas Community College, Performing Arts Series - Batesville, AR

It was a great show, and the cast and crew were super easy to work with.  We were pleased with the crowd, and I've had several community members compliment me on the show this week.

Coffee County Arts Alliance - Elba, AL

TAP was one of the most delightful presentations we've booked for the Coffee County Arts Alliance.   This group of young people far exceeded our expectations.   Not only were they self-contained technically, their light show was fabulous.   These people stole our hearts with an absolutely non-stop show of energy and talent.   They were very easy to work with and the audience loved them.   We had a good turn out for a show billed with the one word...TAP...which seemed rather limiting for broad appeal.  But they were heartily applauded by young and old, men and women.   Thanks for suggesting this group.  We would definitely encourage others to book TAP.

Fort Hay State University - Hays, KS

The show went really well. Our audience had very positive feedback on the show. The cast was very easy to work with, and the entire day ran smoothly. It's always nice to work with a company that is professional and cooperative. Plus, they really went out of their way to thank our local crew for their help.

Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center - Belle Glade, FL

The show was fabulous!!! Our audience LOVED it!!! They were super nice and very easy to work with.

Schaeur Arts & Activities Center - Hartford, WI

The show was great! Audience loved it, cast was wonderful to work with. Very happy experience.

Chadron State College Galaxy Series - Chadron, NE

The show was fantastic!!! The cast was easy to work with and I really think they enjoyed being on campus interacting with the students. I know the students were extremely happy. I had one little girl (7 years old) come up to me and said “thank you” for letting her meet the cast. She was one that attended the master class and then attended again last night. Her mom could not thank me enough for the opportunity.

I will recommend the TAP performers to other and we will look at bringing them back in a couple of years. Our students put out a newspaper once a week on the activities and what they thought. I will send you a copy of it, so you get an idea how it impacted our students.

Burlington Civic Music Association - Burlington, IA

The review of Tap appeared on the front page of our local newspaper The Hawk Eye.

It was excellent in every way! We had between 500-600 students in the afternoon Student Concert. The kids were mesmerized and many were quite young as one school brought their entire lower grade levels.

I have never seen an incoming group combined with our own stalwarts work so fast to get the show on stage...great job.

I would rec. this show to any and all. Talent, high energy, wonderful personalities on and off stage, and in addition to the dancing, singing, creative lighting design, the performance goes a long way to engage audience.

Fantastic, and great fun!

Click the picture below to read the media review from The Hawk Eye

Media review from The Hawk Eye.

The cast of TAP: The Show offers a master class workshop which can be geared to tap dancers of any age and skill level. They also offer an abbreviated school performance, typically followed by a Q & A during which students have an opportunity to ask questions about the art form of tap dance as well as the career path of being a professional dancer.

    TAP the Show

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