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Presidio Brass

Since forming in 2006, Presidio Brass has rocketed to success as the face of a bold new generation in brass entertainment. By combining a brass quintet, piano and percussion with fresh, original arrangements, their unique sound has become a trademark for the ensemble from San Diego, CA. The group signed a deal with Yamaha in 2013, making them an official Yamaha Performing Ensemble. Presidio Brass has performed throughout the U.S. in over 40 states as well as internationally in Canada and China, conducted master classes at many of America’s finest universities and been featured on National Public Radio.

Presidio Brass has become known and loved by audiences nationside for their fan-favorite touring show, Sounds of the Cinema. Celebrating the world of Hollywood, Presidio Brass connects the audience to some of the finest jazz and classical music used in films as well as popular original music written specifically for the movies. Audiences and music critics agree, Sounds of the Cinema is “Two Thumbs Up” and a “Must See!” 

Members of the ensemble have performed with major symphony orchestras, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Las Vegas Philharmonic, Pacific Symphony, San Diego Symphony and Missouri Symphony Orchestra. When not on tour, they continue to perform with orchestras, maintain private teaching studios at local universities, arrange and compose new music, assist with public school music programs, and operate an annual summer music camp for students of all ages.

Inspired by the dedication of their school music teachers, Presidio Brass came together with the primary mission to promote music education and music appreciation in youngsters. This is why at every opportunity, performances are coupled with a master class or school program for which the quintet volunteer their time.

Lansdale Community Concerts, PA

“The show was spectatular!!  The audience just raved about them.  They were very audience friendly and a big hit!  Very easy to work with and very professional.  Presidio was FIRST CLASS all evening!  Hope to have them back again in the near future.”

City of Coral Springs, FL

“The concert was GREAT!  Everyone loved it.  The selection of music was especially good, and their banter also went over really well...  They’re really nice guys, too.  The band directors liked them  -  and they can be the toughest critics.  Everyone’s telling me we need to bring them back, and I’m sure we will.”

Redmond Community Concert Association, OR

“As I sit and relax after today's concerts, with a tasty libation in hand, the afterglow of the two concerts today by Presidio Brass warms my heart.  Both audiences gave quick standing O's with much whistling and hooting and good feelings.  As the audiences left the hall, smiles were wide and abundant.  Lots of high fives and thumbs up were sent my way, which makes what we do as volunteer presenters so rewarding.  Amazingly, quite a number of the audiences hung around after each concert to visit with the men.  These two concerts were the largest attendance numbers we have experienced.

The guys amazed us with their ability to tailor the Outreach Programs to the two different age groups.  Amazing.  This is the first time we have had artists do back to back Outreach Programs.  They were great, the kids loved them and the teachers loved them.”

Englewood Performing Arts Association, FL

“Today’s concerts won the hearts and music minds of all who attended. The reaction to your performances today was outstanding!  Our small community is very appreciative of Englewood Performing Arts Series for bringing people like you that present great music, great artists to greater Englewood. You certainly more than helped in accomplishing that endeavor. 

Entertainment Series of Irving, TX

"Presidio Brass! Best concert of the year.”

Lancaster Community Concert Association, PA

“I heartily recommend the passionate performers of Presidio Brass for a stirring concert of great music, superbly played, and entirely entertaining from start to finish.”

Palm Springs Community Concert Association, CA

“Your performance was simply magical.” 

Palomar College Performing Arts Concert Hour - San Marcos, CA

“Presidio Brass is a shining example of contemporary ensemble performance--crisp, disciplined playing, an engaging demeanor, and an ability to simultaneously honor the past and embrace the future.” 

Bryan City Schools Band Director, OH

“Presidio Brass demonstrated that they truly are one of America's premier brass quintets through a formal concert that was of the absolute highest musical quality. The musical program was by far one of the most technically challenging and professionally performed concerts I have ever had the joy of witnessing.” 

James Wilt, Associate Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"You guys sound awesome"

John Lorge, Principal Horn, San Diego Symphony

“The Presidio Brass needs to be heard to be believed. Each one of the members is a virtuoso on his instrument and music flows out of them like a stream.”

Feedback from Educational Outreach - Roseburg, OR

 “My usually reserved and quiet seventh grader almost never tells me anything that happens at school, even when I ask.  He just spent a 10 minute drive telling me the life stories of each member of Presidio Brass, explained a cool tonguing technique used by the trumpet player during "Green Hornet Theme", and just generally relived their concert with me.  He told me more about this event than anything else that has happened at school this year.  I just thought you should know how impressed he was.  Thanks for bringing them in for a show.”

Bowlus Fine Arts & Cultural Center - Iola, KS

"I can answer each of your questions with a resounding YES!

Band directors thought they were great – Students thought they were awesome. I have personally received several emails from the community saying how much they enjoyed the performance but that the highlight for them was when the band students played with the group.

Last night I got an email from a former board member who had attended the concert. She said that she and her husband really enjoyed the concert. What she thought was so wonderful was that the town was still buzzing about the performance so many days later.

I am happy about the buzz it caused in the community and that our high school band students got to be a part of this great opportunity."

Etherredge Center - Aiken, SC

"They were wonderful and the crowd absolutely loved it!  They had a great rapport with the audience, and were terrific to work with.  I was very pleased.  They were one of our top ticket sellers this season, too."

Jackson Concert Series - Muscatine, IA

"Our concert with Presidio Brass was great! Our concert committee chairman said they were so wonderful to work with... We had one of the attendees call us the next day and say that she thought they were excellent - right up there with Bobby McFerrin and Marvin Hamlisch, both of whom we presented through the concert series, and she had attended those concerts as well.

The clinic at the high school was a hit. The band director emailed me and said they were awesome. Some of the students and the band director came to the concert...

We would certainly recommend them to other presenters. And we are considering having them back.

Thanks for checking and I hope we can work together in the future."

Presidio Brass came together with the primary mission to promote music education and music appreciation in youngsters. This is why at every opportunity, performances are coupled with a complimentary master class or school program for which the quintet volunteer their time.

The Presidio Brass Experience is a full-day residency that is comprised of a clinic and rehearsal workshop during the day, and a full public performance in the evening. The Experience is an excellent way to expose students to the quality of a nationally touring brass quintet, inspiring them to promote and cultivate their own musical abilities. 

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