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Party on the Moon


From President Obama's Inaugural Ball in DC to Eli Manning's wedding in Cabo, Party On the Moon is fast becoming the # 1 Private and Corporate National Act caliber band in America. Performing their first single, "Yes We Can," for the President, producer Dennis Smith stated, "We were proud to participate in such an historic event. Whether playing for the President or for you, we really want to make a difference in people's lives through music.

This year marks the five year anniversary of Party On the Moon. Their growth in the marketplace has been nothing short of astonishing. They became the #1 grossing exclusive band on EastCoast Entertainment's roster for 2008. ECE president Lee Moore was recently quoted saying, "They are worth every penny they get!"

The reason they are playing all over the world for so many people is really quite simply...they get it.

It's not about how great the musicians are; sure they are monster players. It's not about the quality of the singers; sure they can sing their tails off. It's not about all the options the band provides, from Grammy award winning horn players to a choir. It's not about their totally customizable song list, their flashy costumes, high-energy choreography, state-of-the-art sound and light show, their fancy tour bus or even their non-stop three hour show.

It's about the simple fact that, more than any band out there, they understand it's about's about you.

It's about making sure you and every guest at your event, no matter how large or small, leave saying, "That's the most fun I've had in years!"

Dennis Smith believes the ingredients to the success of your wedding, corporate event or Gala are simple:

  • Non-stop live music where your guests don't want to go home.
  • Attention to detail so everyone feels a part of the success of the party.
  • Raising the bar on your event, making it uniquely special and memorable.
  • Different than other national acts who come in demanding, " No green M&M's," Dennis believes it's not about the band making demands, it's about the band demanding memories for you.
  • It's about changing lives, even if for one night so that years from now people will still be talking about how much fun they had at your party.
  • Nice people
  • Non-Stop Show
  • Memorable Entertainment Value



Thank you so much, the band was so incredible this weekend. They could not have been nicer, more engaging, and fun...worth every penny. I had multiple people tell me they acted like they were performing at the Super Bowl and it was the most fun wedding ever, but I am sure you hear that a lot. Here are two snap shots that pretty much sum up the night, my groom does not like to dance and he did not stop! Also, did not know how the James Taylor song would go and it was spot on, thanks again. Molly W. Piedmont Club 3/12/16

Corporate Event

The band was great and we saw lots of people on the dance floor so I can say they enjoyed it too! Thanks for another great event! Melissa W. 1/29/16

Corporate Event

I heard nothing but praises all night about you and the band. The employees had more fun than the guest. The CFO ask me during your set, how we have to have you back. I constantly fight with him over how much bands cost. I said I agree we need them back, but are you willing to spend the money? He said how much again? I told him, and he said I don't care they are amazing!! I will try my best to work out booking you for one of our top yearly events. I pitched New Years to him. I'm sure you are booked now, but maybe another year, or another large event. Everyone in the band are professional people as well as musicians. I hope I made you guys comfortable and you want to come back. Not just for the money, or because its another gig. I want you to feel like you are part of a history here at The Greenbrier. That was one of the most important events of the decade. We archive everything!!! You are now forever in our history books of what makes our resort so different from all the rest. We pride ourselves on longevity and history, and treasure every chapter we create. Now you will be a treasure forever in our Hearts. No this isn't scripted. I'm speaking from the heart, and I sincerely thank you and Party On the Moon!! Corey Warlick Manager of Music and Entertainment The Greenbrier Resort Corey W. 9/05/15

Wedding Planner

I think they just get better and better. Their performance Saturday evening was top notch. Please extend our appreciation. Our client was OVER THE MOON. Mimi V. 7/25/15


WOW! I shot the wedding last night at The Cloister and I have to say of all the years shooting very high end weddings with INCREDIBLE bands you guys blew them all out of the water! I'm still speechless! Seriously. Bravo. Amazing! Mary Beth T. 5/16/15

Chamber of Commerce Event

The event went great! This was the first time I had heard Party on the Moon and I must say they blew me away! I have never seen a group so full of energy and passionate about what they do. Hayley R. Special Events Manager 3/13/15