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Mr. Potato Head

For countless happy clients, Mr. Potato Head has been taking parties everywhere to the next level. Hire this extremely talented seven-piece band, that includes a full horn section, and you're sure to earn cool points with your guests! Whether you're looking for a killer band that hits it vocally and musically, or a fun, interactive group that doesn't remind you of a typical wedding band, MPH is the perfect match for you. Have a space issue at your venue? No problem. Mr. Potato Head can also perform as a four piece band without the horns. The scaled-down four-piece core members sing and harmonize as well as they play, and listeners often comment, "I can't believe this much sound is coming from these guys!"

Performing many of the all-time greatest songs, Mr. Potato Head can deliver Sinatra with the sophistication of the jazz greats, or play The Jackson Five with the same infectious groove as Motown's Funk Brothers. When covering artists like Bruce Springsteen or The Rolling Stones, their energy has a rawness reminiscent of the punk era. During "Holiday," you may do a double take to see if Madonna just made a guest appearance! Mr. Potato Head's repertoire contains an unusually wide range of material, including many unpredictable songs that will add to the uniqueness of your occasion. From yesterday's classics to some of today's current hits, Mr. Potato Head can do it all.

This band has a long history of providing exceptional musical entertainment, in part, by having always associated itself with top-notch players. Individually and collectively, current members of Mr. Potato Head have performed, recorded or toured with some of the most renowned musical artists in the world. That list would include a 12 year stint with James Brown; performances with Michael Jackson, Dave Matthews Band, Lenny Kravitz, Earl Slick; tours with Judie Tzuke, David Ball, C.J. Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band; and more than a year with Ben Folds. Mr. Potato Head horn players have performed countless concerts with The Four Tops, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Tony Bennett and Kenny Chesney. Mr. Potato Head alumni have gone on to become integral members of the recording/touring acts: Sting, Gavin DeGraw, Regina Spektor, Avril Lavigne, Jack Ingram, Little Big Town and more. In 1993, three original members of Mr. Potato Head were signed to Sony/Columbia as the band, "Dag," who recorded two critically acclaimed albums for Columbia Records and spent several years touring the US, Europe and Japan. Influenced by so many unique experiences, Mr. Potato Head's brand of entertainment is anything but typical. So, for the most memorable night of your life, book Mr. Potato Head today!!!


The people at The John Marshall Hotel said this was the wildest wedding they'd ever seen! The band was fantastic and I'd totally recommend them! It turned out fabulous - a "10" all the way around. They played The Allman Brothers for the Father/Daughter dance like we requested and nailed it. They were gracious to let a good friend of the family sit in on singing lead on a song. Just great. If you ever need a reference for Mr. Potato Head or EastCoast Entertainment, please let me know. 6/25/16

Father of the Bride

I don't see how we could have made a better choice for a wedding band than Mr. Potato Head. From the music you played during the dinner (people were coming up to me to tell me how awesome you were- the musicianship in the band is unparalleled ) to the nonstop dance party that ensued later, you guys had it all covered. I can't tell you how many people have called, emailed, or texted me about how they just couldn't leave the dance floor. From Steely Dan to the Talking Heads, to Old Crow Medicine Show - you guys just nailed every song, no matter what the genre. Having my daughter, the bride, join you for a few songs made the night even more special. My only disappointment was that there were so many other songs on your playlist that I wanted to hear you do! I guess I'll just have to find another excuse to get you up here again. Mike S. 5/14/16

Mother of the Bride

Absolutely the best any of us have ever heard! We loved them!! Dottie H. 5/07/16


They were AWESOME!! Everyone has been asking who they were. They exceeded our expectations! They were extremely laid back, very easy to work with and super friendly. Thanks for all of your help with this! Sully D. 4/09/16


Both Mr Potato Head and Amati were phenomenal. And Mr Potato Head was even cool with letting my band play a few songs on their equipment which was really cool of them. It was an amazing evening. Thanks a ton for your help, Rick. David B. 3/05/16

A++ Performance!

I am picky when it comes to music. I grew up in a musical family and music has always been a foundation in my life. That translates into: For our wedding day, I needed an incredible band that played the spectrum of genres (and played them well) and kept the energy high so people remained on the dance floor. I couldn't have asked for a better band than Mr. Potato Head!! They played such a broad spectrum of songs that all generations were on the floor dancing - From classical jazz to beach music to Motown and Funk to 80s alternative to Americana to modern (among others not mentioned). It's clear that MPH has played together for years. Their synchronicity with each other and their ability to work the crowd and keep the energy high made our wedding reception perfect - it was as good and better than what I had imagined for our wedding day. They are classy, willing to work closely with you to understand your musical tastes, and they are definitely not cheesy (as some bands can be). At the risk of sounding like a cheesy infomercial, if you are looking for the perfect band for your event, you will love MPH and so will your guests. The bride gets complimented on all sorts of things on her wedding day, but the most compliments I recieved were for picking such an amazing band. It's all about the music! Allison J. Chart House Annapolis 12/29/15