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Blue Label

Take one part experience, two parts versatility, and three parts originality. Stir well. Garnish with flare and serve to guests thirsty for a premium entertainment experience. This is the recipe for the band, Blue Label. Comprised of some of the mid-Atlantic region's most seasoned musicians from established party bands such as Mr. Greengenes, Burnt Sienna, Liquid A and The Reflex, Blue Label brings a fresh, new take to the dance floor. Blue Label was conceived particularly with generations X & Y in mind, who have seen far too many tired, forced Rihanna covers played by bands whose members are old enough to be Rihanna's parents. Brides, however, have no fear! By no means does this band neglect mom and dad (or your grandparents) who will have just as much fun dancing to a diverse catalog of Motown staples and rock classics as you will. Planners, looking for a modern band that is exciting, corporate friendly yet cheese-free? Look no further than Blue Label. Professionalism, a fun can-do attitude, and reliability are in the recipe! The members of Blue Label have collectively played over 10,000 live shows and performed half-time shows for the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as pre and post-game performances for the Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Phillies, and Philadelphia Flyers.

Ask your entertainment professional about incorporating a live DJ into the mix.


The Blue Label exceeded expectations in every way, and we can't even count how many people commented to us how great they were, and how did we find them. Jeff was great about staying in touch and obviously wanted to get everything right- I know they learned several new songs to fit the evening (including our first dances) and were engaging on stage and so pleasant to to talk to after the reception was over. Top notch, super professional, and I'd refer them to anyone. Thanks again! Dana M. 8/24/13


Hey Kaitlin - I cant express enough how great Blue Label was. From the cocktail hour through the reception they were absolutely fantastic. Emma and I were blown away with their music as well as their professionalism. We will certainly be recommending them (and EastCoast) in the future. Matt D. Oheka Castle 2/14/16


aving seen Blue Label play in Dewey Beach and having seen Jeff Ebbert play as Jefe in Newark and Wilmington, DE, our expectations for the band were very high. That said, Blue Label exceeded our already high expectations in every way. They were fun, professional, responsive to the crowd, and played a set that kept the entire population of the wedding entertained. Those who had never seen Blue Label perform mentioned to us and our parents how excellent the band was. Those who had seen the band play in different capacities mentioned how great the band did as a wedding band. We had several people tell our friends and parents, as well as us directly, that Blue Label was the best and/or most fun band at a wedding they had ever seen. We will certainly not hesitate to recommend the band to any of our friends or acquaintances going forward! Jacqui Q. 8/07/15